Carol is a social worker who has worked in the fields of child protection, child and adolescent sexual abuse and paediatric palliative care. She qualified as a craniosacral therapist in 2002 and is a certified non-medical hypnotherapist and an emotional freedom technique (EFT) and matrix reimprinting practitioner. Her clients view her as an incredible 'soul coach'.

Through my work as a social worker and my own personal experiences, I began to realise that trauma is often at the heart of most issues in people’s lives. Consequently, I have worked towards finding ways to address this.

Trauma can be described as “any event where threat is perceived, coupled with a sense of helplessness”. What this means, for me, is that a person only has to perceive something as threatening and, if they are unable to escape from or deal with the threat, the experience can get locked into their subconscious mind and they can begin to manifest pain and illness.

Our intrinsic beliefs about ourselves and our world are formed very early on. As a child, any situation which we perceived as threatening and where we felt powerless, may have caused us to form beliefs that are untrue and detrimental. These beliefs are rarely conscious ones – we are not aware of them until we start to ask why we feel the way we do or why our lives are the way that they are. In effect, one trauma builds upon another within the psyche and eventually, overwhelm occurs.

It is the role of the subconscious mind to protect us from threat and it will do so at any cost. Decisions made in a moment as a child in order to protect us from harm, can have lifelong consequences for us as adults. One example is the subconscious instruction to the body to increase weight as a means of protecting a person from perceived danger, whatever that may be.

Craniosacral therapy enabled Carol to realise that unresolved trauma is often stored within our bodies’ tissues. By using this gentle hands-on therapy, the body can relax, let go and release the trauma. Once this happens, people can experience increased energy which seems miraculous yet is simply the result of energy no longer being caught up in trying to “protect” the self from perceived threat.

Just as such an energetic shift can occur for someone during craniosacral therapy, hypnosis and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, can do the same for people.

Carol began to study these two modalities when she realised that, very often, it is our erroneous beliefs about ourselves that hold us back. For example, if you believe you are not good enough and you carry this belief within you, subconsciously, for your whole life, it will affect your decisions, relationships and ability to thrive.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful modality that can help us to uncover early, deep subconscious beliefs and, through skilled client-centred facilitation, a trained hypnosis practitioner can help people resolve and replace such erroneous beliefs with truer, more accurate perceptions. Hypnotherapy can also assist people to connect with the wise, all-knowing aspects of themselves, thereby enabling them to make better choices and decisions that are guided by that wise part of the self.

'We heal ourselves by accepting and dealing with our own intrinsic beliefs formed at an age where we were vulnerable to our circumstances.'

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – and its extension modality, Matrix Reimprinting works in a similar way to hypnosis. While hypnosis requires taking a client into a relaxed trance-like state, EFT can quickly and easily take us to the root of an issue simply by following the words and feelings of a person. EFT involves tapping on specific meridian points at the same time as talking (or thinking) about an issue. Carol has found EFT to be an exceptionally powerful modality to resolve trauma and to uncover limiting belief systems. It can be used every day, in any situation, to help release negative emotions and to bring clarity.

There is a spiritual aspect to all the modalities with which Carol works. Sometimes during a craniosacral therapy session, a client enters a heightened state of awareness and begins to see colours or receives a message through a vision or a thought. With hypnosis, Carol has witnessed the power of the spiritual aspects of clients as they tap into deep inner wisdom and receive information that can help them in their lives. Past-life regression and soul journeying sessions are often deeply moving and transformative for people as they can lead to a deeper understanding of what is currently happening in their lives. Emotional Freedom Techniques (add an ‘s’) and Matrix Reimprinting help us to release on many levels and can also foster an acquaintance with the deeper parts of our subconscious minds so that we can let go of the core of an issue and move on through repatterning our subconscious beliefs. Matrix Reimprinting helps us to reprogramme our beliefs and enables us to focus on what we truly want in our lives.

When all is said and done, the modalities with which Carol works help us to discover and come to know the truth about who we are. They help us to acknowledge and accept our pain and to allow ourselves to heal, one step at a time, so that we can uncover the beauty of the Self, through acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion for ourselves and others.