'We access our full potential through contemplation,
self-awareness and by engaging in transformation practices.'

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a healing modality that uses tapping on specific meridian points to release trapped emotions, fears and traumas. It is a gentle, yet very effective technique that assists us to discover limiting beliefs and emotions at the same time as allowing release and resolution. There is so much scope with EFT – it has been proven to assist in healing our bodies, minds and spirits and a great deal of research is available which proves its effectiveness.

Matrix Reimprinting was developed by Karl Dawson. It is an extension of EFT and uses the theories of quantum physics –  specifically the idea that we exist within a unified field where everything is connected.

Matrix Reimprinting works with resolving erroneous subconscious beliefs that were formed at the pre-conscious phase of our lives (i.e. before the age of six). Once formed, these beliefs remain within our fields of consciousness and can cause stress for people if they are not acknowledged and resolved. Matrix Reimprinting focuses on identifying the core issues that are causing stress and works with resolving these by re-patterning our field with supportive, positive and balanced beliefs. Essentially, we engage in re-framing our beliefs and through the reimprinting process, tap into inner resources and wellness on many levels.

Hypnosis can be tremendously helpful in uncovering and resolving long-held and deep-seated patterns of limitation. As children, many people take on erroneous belief systems that then affect their lives in many ways. With the use of various hypnosis techniques, limiting beliefs can be identified, acknowledged and worked with so that release can occur and people become free to create more fulfilling lives. Carol works according to the principles of client-centred therapy and her years of practice as a social worker, counselling others, adds to her competency as a hypnotherapist. 

Carol offers past life regression and soul journeys and is often amazed and humbled by the deep wisdom and transformation that arises from these sessions. It is her belief that within each person there exists inner wisdom and an ability to heal and transform. Hypnosis enables people to tap into this inner wisdom and healing ability.

Craniosacral therapy assists in the gentle release of trauma or restriction held within the body’s tissues. During a treatment, the therapist uses touch, specific holding techniques and an attitude of deep, respectful awareness to ‘feel’ the patterns held within the client’s body. Through the creation of this atmosphere of non-judgemental awareness on the part of the therapist, the body begins to feel safe enough to reveal its patterns of holding and the process of letting go begins. Essentially, the innate wisdom of the body works with the therapist to enable healing to occur.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy which is deeply relaxing and restorative. It has been used to treat a wide range of conditions and can help people to heal and transform physically and emotionally as it enables the release of distress from all aspects of a human being. For some clients, craniosacral therapy facilitates a deep spiritual awareness and connection.